As a fine art photographer, my main struggle was cutting through the industry marketing buzzwords, to find truly high quality, and consistent printing, and finishing. Needless to say, I was simply never satisfied with the results, which led to me printing my own work all of those years ago.

As part of my photography business, I would attend trade shows, selling my own framed prints and canvas. The quality of workmanship caught the attention of other artists and photographers, who would then request help in printing and framing their own work.

Seeing the same issues brought up by other photographers and artists, I made the decision to officially start printing and picture framing for others, under a new business. My goal was to create a space that removes the inconsistencies of cheap high volume automation, and pay special attention to each and every single piece, to act as a second set of eyes, to make adjustments and corrections, and to ensure masterful results each and every time.

I would like to invite you to experience how much of a difference we can make to your prints, and custom framing projects. I love nothing more than seeing your reaction when you see your new piece for the first time.

Visit the shop for in person help, or design and order your new piece directly online.

Kevin Annala -Proprietor, KA Canvas