March Featured Artist Julia Hirst

Julia Hirst, of Julia Hirst Studio is this months featured artist.
I had the pleasure of printing some of Julia's work in preparation for a dream home competition. Her photographic work and aesthetic is quite unique, very well executed, and on trend with design styles.

 Who are you and what do you do?

I'm a digital artist, selling fine art prints through my website, and at local exhibitions.


What mediums do you work with, and what is your favourite?

Photographs are the raw material for my digital art.  They are edited and layered to create composite, abstract images.


What do you love most about creating art?

I love "wonder wandering", taking long walks either in nature or urban areas, looking deeply around me at walls, sidewalks, water, trees etc., capturing hundreds of images to use as raw material.

Then the process of editing and layering puts me in the "flow", where hours pass as I create my art.


What does your process generally look like?

Collecting photos to start, then editing and layering.  I use apps on my iPad and also Photoshop.  Last step is to create a large-scale image in ON1 Resize.


What is the most challenging thing about being an artist and creating, and how do you over come that?

People tend to have the impression that being an artist isn't a "real job"! However, in addition to the joy of the process of creating, there's a lot of time spent running a business, administration, marketing, sales etc.

I reward myself for administrative work by spending a couple of hours afterwards just creating!


What services or products do you offer?

At the moment I offer fine art paper prints through my website or at exhibitions.  However I hope to be offering canvas prints very soon!


What else would you like to share or tell everyone?

My artwork can be printed in VERY large sizes!  Please contact me if you need a show-stopping piece!


If you would like to check out, or purchase one of Julia's pieces, you can do so on her website. You can also follow her Instagram page.


Some parting notes on Julia's work, as an example that I would encourage other artists to follow. I would recommend having a visit over to her website. There you will see a very cohesive body of work, branded aesthetic, and a very clean layout which highlights her work as completed pieces, on walls.

As artists, and especially the photographers, what you will typically see is a portfolio of digital images. What you see on Julia's website, as well as carrying over to her social media, is completely focused on her photography as completed art, and this makes a huge huge difference to how well your website will perform.

Her work is featured with varying layouts in different decorative settings, making it crystal clear to the website visitor that these are works to be hung on walls.

Each artwork also contains a brief description about the work, without the technical jargon that only other photographers would understand, and are often guilty of.

I wanted to mention this as a fantastic example of branding, and cohesive visual aesthetic.