How to properly size art for your walls

Many people wonder what the proper size of art should be for a wall. It's very common to go too small, as many are worried about going too big. Yes, size does matter, and bigger is always better than smaller. A piece that is too small looks like it's lost, swimming in an oversized sea of wall space.

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There's a very simple calculation to get proper proportion of art to wall space. Interior designers and artists use it to get perfect sizing. 

Simply take the width of your wall section in inches, and multiply it by .57 Voila! It doesn't have to be exact, but within a few inches either way still works.
1. Orientation 
Is the wall space high and narrow, or is it wider than tall, such as above a couch? This is a fairly easy consideration, simply match the orientation that makes more sense. If it's above a couch in a standard type room, then a horizontal orientation, or panoramic makes more sense. If it's on a narrow but tall wall, then a vertical orientation might make more sense. Or perhaps the overall layout of the room works better with a square!
2. Composition and allowances for furniture
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Break a space up by either wall, or area if need be. For example, if a living room shares the same wall as a dining room, such as found in some apartments, treat it as 2 different spaces. Above the couch against the wall can be considered its own space, as can a bed, and any expanses of wall joined next to that, such as a dining room can be considered another space with its own measurement.

3. Height 
Don't forget to account for height. Art that is hung way too high on a wall looks ridiculous almost always. Not too mention it could cause other issues such as increasing glare from lighting. The centre height should be around eye level. Add just a few inches if need be to clear couches or furniture, be careful not to over compensate here. We will write another blog post shortly with a formula for this as well. 
Thinking of a multi-piece gallery wall or triptych? Easy. Just take the overall measurements of the entire grouping, and apply the same rule for size. For orientation, consider the overall groupings outside shape.
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Measure the piece you have on your wall. Is it close to the .57 "rule". If it isn't, try a piece that is, it will make a MASSIVE difference to your entire space. Once you see this professional touch, you won't go back!
Remember, measurement of wall, x .57
Do your pieces fit within the .57 rule? Do you need help with this? Not quite sure if your photo will print that large? Contact us for a free consultation.